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Wealth managers for over 20 years

We assist our clients in protecting and growing their assets, so that they can  achieve their life goals or pass their wealth on to future generations. 


We offer tailor-made investment solutions through discretionary and advisory mandates. 

We have a global and holistic approach to wealth planning and can manage unit-linked Luxembourg life-insurance contracts.

Our values

Independent by nature.

As independent wealth managers since 1999, independence is part of our DNA. This is the essential difference between a private banker and an independent wealth manager.  We are free from any commercial constraints and have the ability to express and implement our convictions and defend your interests to the best of our ability.

Experts by necessity.
Today's world is increasingly complex and is evolving fast. So are the needs of our clients. Whether it is investing, financing, wealth planning or tax related questions, it has never been so important to be surrounded by the best specialists. Our expertise and our network of specialists enable us to leverage research and to offer the best technical solutions


Transparent by choice.

We are convinced that transparency is the cornerstone of any trust-based relationship that lasts from generation to generation. Your investment holdings are deposited in the bank (or banks) or your choice where you keep full control of your assets. We document our investment process and favour transparent instruments to make your portfolio as clear as possible.


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